Goals for 2021 - Month 2

 Just a check in to see where I'm at in my goals for the year 1. Take care of my health .  I'm working on eating better. I've done some run/walks the past few weeks. 2. Read through the Bible this yea r.  I am still ahead in my reading. Getting to the end of Exodus. I've been reading through the Bible chronologically. So I read some of Genesis, then Job, then back to Genesis and on to Exodus. My husband told me he was done with Exodus and moving on in his reading plan. And, how crazy is this, my competitive side whispered to me, "You need to finish Exodus today and catch up to him." I did not heed my competitiveness this time and I'm sticking to my plan. 3. Projects ! I finished up the two quilts I was working on. One was a birthday gift for my mother in law - a lap quilt. The other was a T-shirt quilt for a friend. It is the second one I have made, and I think I learned a lot on the first one, so the second seemed easier and better. Except for the bindin

Hope Springs

One of the things I love about my husband is his interest in the weather. He enjoys tracking the weather and keeping me updated on what's coming. It's a pretty important factor in a farmer's life too.  snow dusting a few weeks ago   So last week he started sharing the news of the coming snow. 6 inches, no 12, no, now they're predicting 17 inches of snow in our corner of the world. Definitely not something you see every day around here. I don't think we've had that much snow on the valley floor since the 1960s.  And I admit, I'm kind of excited about it. Yes, it will put a dent in plans for a four day weekend, but life is all about being able to change, adapt and overcome.  And spring is right around the corner!  

Food and Farm

At the beginning of each month I hang a blank calendar page that I fill in with what we're cooking for supper. When I started this practice I would only fill in the week or two. I did this for two reasons - so I would know what items I needed on hand when I went grocery shopping every two weeks (we got paid every two weeks); and so when dinnertime rolled around I wouldn't be wondering what to make. Before this it seemed like we had the same three or four meals all the time and the minions began to gather a rebellion.  I've been doing this for 12 years now. And those once-blank, now-filled-in monthly calendars have been stuck into a binder. I pulled out that binder today and made a list of the meals we have eaten this past year. I came up with 57 meals!  So if I can pull this off, we can go nearly two months without repeating a meal! Of course, there will be some family members that don't like what might be served, but this isn't a restaurant and they'll get to e

Goals for 2021 Week 2

 Just checking in here to see where I am with my goals for this year. Not sure if I will do this weekly or monthly. We'll see.... 1. Take care of my health .  I'm working on eating better. And this week I have started being more intentional about when and how and how much I am exercising. 2. Read through the Bible this yea r.  So far I am ahead of the game. I read part of Genesis, finished the book of Job and now I'm back in Genesis. 3. Projects ! I'm not working on wood projects yet because of the weather but I am working on quilting projects. I've almost finished two quilts and have plans in my head for at least 2 more. Possibly a baby quilt included for an upcoming birth. Hoping to have those two quilts done this week or next. 4. Landscape . With all this wind and rain rain rain (this IS Oregon after all) I'm just in the planning mode. I'm pretty sure I know where I want to put my herb garden. I read about someone putting in a hydrangea hedge. I wonder h

Books of 2020

Books of 2020 actually means... the books I kept a list of reading but I somehow don't have May through October ... well, some are better than nothing.   I have put in the bold the ones I highly recommend. Where the Red Fern Grows;   Keep Moving -- Dick Van Dyke One Good Deed -- David Baldacci Marilla of Green Gables -- Sarah McCoy The Lost Letters of William Woolf --Helen Cullen The Chocolate Makers Wife -- Karen brooks Family Tree -- Susan Wiggs Murder She Wrote: Manhattan and Murder  Postscript -- Cecilia Ahern Surprise Surprise -- Agatha Christie A Girls Guide to the Outback -- Jessica Kate Things You Save in A Fire -- Katherine Center Get out of Your Head -- Jennie Allen The Couple Next Door -- Shari Lapena Range of Motion -- Elizabeth Berg The Secret of Chimneys -- Agatha Christie Major Pettigrew's Last Stand -- Helen Simonson Family Matters -- R. Winters and Sherry Lewis Somewhere Between Luck and Trust -- Emilie Richards Salem Falls -- Jodie Picoult Bitter Medicine -

Goals for 2021

  A new year, a new list. So that I don't forget what I'm looking to accomplish, I wrote down my goals for this year. In no particular order.... 1. Take care of my health. As in, go to the doctors... check ups, routine visits, all of that..I don't like going to the doctor. It took getting a nail in my finger last year to get my overdue tetanus shot. Along with doctors, I want to lose about 10 pounds. We took a weekend away in October and I came home with extra weight that wasn't there when we left the house. And it has not gone away. Yet. 2. Read through the Bible this year. I did this back in 2018 (?) and would like to get at it again this year. Day 3 and I'm still on track  3. Projects! Last year I started a playhouse for the kids. Hoping to finish it once we get our windows in ... We'll take a couple of old windows and put them in the playhouse. I also plan on building a picnic table and possibly some Adirondack chairs, although these seem like a challenge, b

Can you believe it?

 We're coming up on one year in our new house. And what a year that has been. I've been looking back over my last posts here and thinking, wow, we had no idea what was in store for us. When we moved in, the college kids were away. They came home for a month at Christmas, and that was so much fun. And then they went back to school and much tears were shed in our abode. And then a crisis hit and the world went crazy.  Having all 5 kids back at home was wonderful, for me. But I know they all struggled. They struggled because they couldn't do what they normally would do at that season. They struggled with the emotions that we as adults were struggling with. They fought loneliness, boredom, anxiety, fear, their siblings, working, homework, sharing a bathroom.  But in the end, would I do it differently? No. We were so blessed to have 7 of us in our home, so that each day wasn't quite the same as the previous. We had plenty of room to roam. We could walk out the door with a di