Monday, September 8, 2014


99 jars of pears on the wall, 99 jars of pears. Take one down pass it around, ....
Ok you get the gist.

On Saturday my sister and my niece and I canned up 99 jars of pears.
We had one jar beak so actually we only 98 jars, but still.... It was a long day.
I did learn some things about my family though.
My parents showed up in the middle of the day. They were on the way to the coast. Mom offered a few tidbits of advice, since she has been canning since she was a teen. It was interesting to hear how all four of us had different ways of doing things. I learned some new things, and I kept some of my own ways of doing it.
Off my parents went to enjoy the cool ocean breezes while we slaved away in a very warm kitchen. Thankfully we did the actually cooking outside. Just as we were figuring out when to wrap it all up and if we were going to church that night, my parents show up again. They didn't make it to the coast because of a bad traffic jam. So they came back to our place. My mom helped us finish the pears; and then as I was running back and forth cleaning up and checking the canner, I come in to find my mom down on the floor scrubbing. It's just what she does - help that is. And my floor was pretty sticky. But when it was all done, it gleamed.
And my dad bought us pizza.
It was a great day to put up preserves.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

And then it was school

Back to school days for us around here. The older two are off to the bus each morning now. They barely stood still long enough this morning for me to catch them on their way out.
 Doesn't the Boy look happy? He was running late and didn't want to stop for me. Oh and notice the new door?? Yes! We got that installed last month (forgot ot mention it in the previous post)
 I wasn't going to start homeschool with the younger three this week, but they were constantly asking, and our previously planned week had gone awry, so we had a half day at home today.
 The rest of the day - we played. It was wonderful.

Thankfully the day flew by and before I knew it, my older two were home again.

It's September?!

Where did the summer go? Let me revel in it once more by going over our August adventures:
I was part of the Family reunion committee. I don't know that I did much, but it was still something I had to deal with. It was a beautiful hot day at the park getting to see my dad's side of the family.
The kids played on the equipment, played baseball with the cousins, and played the games my sister organized. 

The Mr worked feverishly to get the upstairs bathroom shower ready before our company came, but alas, the shower company was not on our time schedule! So the tile looks great, but there is no glass on the shower yet.
We - well, the girls - spent plenty of time in the water. Here is Little K's pool. The others would use it too, along with sprinklers, to keep cool this hot month.

And then company came. The Mr's brother and his family came from Montana to visit. What fun! We had a beach day, in which they attempted to relocate a little river and stem the tide. I think the tide won. But it was still fun. A number of people came over and asked, "What are you doing?" Some laughed, some shook their heads, some joined in and helped.

The cousins had fun times together digging and moving logs to make the dam.
My hooligans:
But then trying to get a cousin picture? It's like herding cats.
After company left, there was a birthday, which we will gloss right over, and then it was time to prep for my parent's early 60th Anniversary celebration. They are not 'big party' people, so we had everyone meet at a local park and just had a nice time honoring them, and eating cake.

And then, bam, it's time to start school. August flew by me. But I am enjoying a second time around through my pictures.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I know it has almost been a month since I have been here. Where, oh, where did the summer go?!
I had planned to write about our August adventures, but something more pressing has been on my mind today. And yesterday. And for the past few weeks actually.
There is drama in the neighborhood and it is something I haven't really had to deal with much, outside of my family. A new neighbor moved in during the summer and the daughter is near the age of our 3rd and 4th kids. So it was fun getting to know her/them at first. But as novelty wears off, personalities come out. And along with that seems to come drama with these girls. We've had more of it this summer with 8, 9, and 10 year olds than my middle schooler did all the past year in school.
The situations have brought up plenty of opportunities to talk with our girls about bullying, and gossip, and priorities, along with what a real friend looks like, and how to be a friend. Being in a homeschool world hasn't afforded us too many occasions to deal with this on a regular basis, so we've all been challenged this summer. I think my two girls have learned some life lessons. And I'm almost certain we aren't finished with the drama yet.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Latest Adventures

July's adventures were more of the work-on-the-house and the farm-sort of adventures rather than the going-somewhere kind. But we did manage to fit in a trip to the beach.
 It was a beautiful, windy, sunny day at the Oregon coast. We took my sister along to one of our favorite places, Pacific City.
 The kids ran up and down the huge sand dune, played in the water and got sand throughout their hair, clothes, and crevices. Our youngest even made it to the very top of the giant sand "mountain". (She was so tired, even the next day.)
In the past when we have come here, there were not many people. We must have come on the weekdays, because the Sunday we went, it was packed. Look at all the cars on the beach.
There were people all over, except for the little corner we found; it was pretty nice for a picnic and just sitting and relaxing.

This past weekend we made it to another family picnic, for my dad's side of the family.Good food, good people, good games, it was a fun, although hot, day at the park.

Hopefully we'll find some time for more outdoor adventures in August and September.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Oh baby!

We had a baby this weekend.
And he is a cutie!
 It all started with a parade, and a family reunion. The annual get together at my aunt and uncle's house was this past weekend. I managed to make it to the little town parade too. I got to see some college friends in the parade, which was a cool highlight for me!
 And instead of just candy, one group handed out Otter Pops - score! on such a hot day!
 Aunts and uncles cousins and far flung relatives along with friends (and plenty of people who I am related to but I don't know) were at the get-together.
The dessert contest once again honored my girls' hand at cake-decorating:
And there was plenty of time for games and some football throwing. It's always nice to see the older two actually getting along.
 And then we took the young un's home. The house was fairly baby-proofed, but thankfully I have some great older kids who are terrific babysitters. (Plug here - anyone need a sitter? Call my older kids!)
 Well, Baby only wanted his big cousin though, most of the time; I did manage to get in some baby snuggles and squeezes though when Dash was out of the room.

We also had his big sisters over for the weekend. They aren't quite as babyish or baby-snuggly, but they are full of giggles and fun with my girls. I think all four of them were pretty much exhausted by Monday afternoon.

And since it has been a few years since we've had a baby in the house, I settled in for my own nice nap after baby and his sisters went home.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


There is a lot of hair around our house. 5 females with long hair adds up to: many strands floating or found in various places; plus a lot of emptying of the vacuum canister.
My two older girls have each cut their beautiful long hair once for Locks of Love. And this month it was the third one's turn. She has been asking since March, I think, to get her hair cut. I kept putting her off, until I had to tell her about the wedding. I had grand dreams of her long blonde hair in beautiful long curls. But since I have never really curled her hair much, I didn't realize that curls do.not.stay. in her hair. So she had long wavy hair for the wedding. And she still looked cute.
The week we got back she started really hounding me about getting her hair cut. So I made it happen.
Here we have the before photos:
 so long and wavy
And then after we visited the hair salon:

Isn't she cute!? I said it made her look like Kit from the American Girls series.
She really likes it short.
I really like that she has no more tangles. And I like that she was the one who decided to grow it out and send it in to Locks of Love.
Now I kind of wish we had done it before our San Diego trip.