Monday, April 21, 2014

More Birthday!

Our girl turned 11 this weekend. Hard to believe we have 3 kids in the teen/tween ages. What a ride it has been so far!
For her 11th birthday, we took Dot out for dinner, without any siblings! She chose the restaurant - a local Mexican food place - and then we came home for cake!
 The next day she finally got a birthday party! We don't do parties for the kids every year - and when the birthday is in April, surrounded by a lot of other activities, other birthdays, and holidays!, the poor girl has had to wait a long time for a party. But this year we made it happen. We were going to have an outdoor event, with games and a treasure hunt; but then the forecast changed our minds. So we planned a craft party. We went to the dollar store (oh what a treasure for parties!) and purchased a bunch of shirts, hats and socks to decorate.
The girls arrived in the morning all giggly and wound up. Like most 10-11 year old herds. And then they started designing. It was so fun to hear them and see them create! I had my older girl, Stripes, and her friends help them out while I made lunch and dessert in the kitchen
 We set the clothes and designs out to dry and headed upstairs for the presents. Oh hoe I really like having an upstairs now - the noise and mess can be up there, away from my eyes and ears.
Can you see how happy Dot was to get the movie?! I think the girls already had it memorized, but now that we have it, they can sing along any time.
 Lunch was nachos - easy to prep, and easy for everyone to build their own. Instead of cake this year, we did bird's nests using chow mein noodles, peanut butter, chocolate and jelly beans. It was a fun way to celebrate instead of (more) cake!
The plan was to have a fashion show of all the items the girls had crafted, but user-error - I didn't realize the paint they used had to dry for 4 hours, and longer if it was liberally applied. Which it was.
So the girls just got crazy with what was on hand along with dress-up clothes, and walked the catwalk (hallway) in other creations. Lots of laughter and craziness anyway.
So we have a short break before the next birthday later in the week. And I still haven't got any idea what to do for this one!

Saturday, April 19, 2014


This is for our friend who is far far away ... hope you have a great birthday!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014


Birthday month has begun! We started the party Friday night, with my in-laws coming over to celebrate the Mr's birthday a little early. We had his favorite - berry pie, and sherbet and ice cream.
I decided to get out some special plates that had been sitting in the cupboard collecting dust. Lots of dust. I thought it was about time to just start using them! and not waiting for that special day/party. Because, really, every time we celebrate another year, it is a special time. These plates are a 16-piece set that my parents received way back in the day for their wedding. My mom gave them to me awhile ago, knowing she wouldn't be using them to entertain anymore. Just for reference, my parents were married nearly 60 years ago! So these dishes are probably classified as antiques. Not that it matters, I just think it's cool to be using the ones my mom did.
We didn't do as much celebrating on Saturday since half the family went to work out on the farm, and the other half (my half) had stuff to do around town and home. But Sunday! Phew! What a birthday!
The Mr. is one of the most selfless guys I know! For his birthday he got up early, made sure I was on my way, alone, by 7:30 am, and then got all 5 kids ready to go, to leave the house by 8.30. Then he proceeded to drive around our old college town with all the kids while I ran a half-marathon. They cheered me on, and kept me going, especially miles 4-8 when I just felt like crying and quitting. After the race we dropped the kids off at my sister's house, and the Mr. and I got to go out for lunch together. I was going to take him to his favorite Hawaiian restaurant there, but they are closed on Sundays! Poor guy, didn't even get the yummy meal he had been looking forward to. At least he/we got out for lunch. And then he drove the kids home and fell into bed for a nap, he was that tired. Not a perfect birthday in some people's eyes, but he says he loved spending it with the people he loves.

Friday, April 11, 2014


I think spring has finally come to the northwest. What a beautiful week we are having!
The girls and I headed out to the farm yesterday for our first spring-farm-day.
We got to ride in the back of grandpa's truck and help plant beans. The girls brought some tools and dug in the dirt, concocting all sorts of imaginative places. We stacked wood and played in the mud; enjoyed the sunshine and then the usual lunch with grandparents at the B.King. An unexpected treat - the Mr. was in town and got to come have lunch with us also. Overall a fantastic, dusty, fun time.
It's days like this that I wish the older two kids were still home-schooled.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


THE Marathon is looming.
I have less than 8 weeks to go!
I am not on-track with the schedule I planned out in the beginning, but I am close. This past weekend I was able to get in 15 miles, although not altogether. The mental part is almost harder than the physical. My legs are tired, sure, but running alone for that long, and not stopping, and not giving in to the little voice that says "Let's eat ice cream instead of run" -- that is hard.
I am thankful for the days the Mr. runs alongside me, or the times when the kids ride their bikes with me. They help me to keep going and not think about stopping.
I am also learning to eat and drink on the run, literally. Not as easy as it might sound. And I hate the taste of the energy drinks like GU and gatorade. Ugh. But I need something more than water. I wonder if pop would be a good substitute. Ha!
This coming weekend we have a half marathon planned. My husband's birthday will be spent running 13 miles, part of it together. And then we will celebrate with Hawaiian food! And a nap.


Did you wonder what had happened to the remodeling on our house?
Well the 3 kids have been living upstairs for over a year now. The playroom is fully functional although the detail work hasn't been done yet (ie. trim). And now the Mr. is working on the bathroom. He got the cabinet in, and the countertop and sink installed. So we have water! This weekend he built the shelf and put up (more!) sheet rock. He's a pro at it by now. My job this weekend was to go shopping. It's a hard life. So I headed down to our lovely date spot - the orange do-it-yourself store - and checked out different tile options.
We are looking at Sand Pacific if anyone wants to look it up. We (and that is a loosely used term here) are going to put tile on the backsplash and up on the shelf. Somehow we will tie it in to the shower tile and flooring. That's the hard part for me - visualizing the colors going together. If I see it in a photo, I can tell what I like and don't like. But putting it together on my own is a bit more challenging. So it's a good thing my husband is patient with me.


**Disclaimer - I wrote this past last week, and am finally posting it. So read it like you are in the past**

My mom had a milestone birthday last week. but it wasn't until this past weekend that many of the siblings were able to get together and celebrate with her. 8 of the 10 of us, and our spouses and children, gathered at Mom and Dad's home for a potluck and cake.
It was a great time seeing the family, and my 7 month old nephew (!) who I haven't gotten to hold since he was about a month old or so. Just not right. His baby fat and wiggles and giggles made me so happy. The kids got to see their cousins and have a grand time playing.
Earlier in the day I had run 10 miles ... and didn't get a nap in. Not a good idea to jump to a party an hour after running. The killer headache I developed, along with some gut problems, had me in bed before 8 pm.