Thursday, March 19, 2015

One Secret of a Happily Married Wife

The Mr. works more at a computer now than he did earlier in his career. He used to be out in the fields a lot more. And because he and the team he works with all plant their seats in a seat most of the day, the boss sprang for FitBits for all of them. He wants to keep his workers healthy! He also added in some friendly competition.
The Mr. - being the competitive type - eagerly took to the task. He was already in the process of getting back to running; he had several months off to let his Achilles heal (pun intended!) This FitBit was just an extra push. So because there are points not only for time but also for steps, we have been taking more walks together. It gives us uninterrupted time to talk and listen to each other. The last couple of months feel like some of the best since we got married.
The Mr. also had a chance to do some hiking on his day off last week. Ever since I have known him, he has been a climber - answering the call of the mountains. He was in Central Oregon last week and planned a day to hike partway up North and Middle Sister. It was a gorgeous day, and he was sending me updates and photos over his phone. I must say I was a little envious. He got in a lot of steps that day, along with some terrific pictures.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The First Adventure of 2015

We've had some adventures these past few summers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
We're trying to soak up the precious remaining time with our kids. In 2 years the oldest could be out of the house. Not that I see it happening that soon, but it could.

So we decided to get an early start this year. The sunshine beckoned, and despite the cooler temps, we packed up and headed out to the woods.
This trip we drove out to Opal Creek. What I thought was going to be an easy afternoon hike, say, 3 miles or so, actually ended up being 8 miles.
And the kids were such troopers through it all!
Especially the youngest. She walked most of it, with four of us taking turns carrying her occasionally. We walked along a rough road/trail that had plenty to see next to it. We saw waterfalls of different sizes, a creek, plenty of forest, bridges to cross (both scary and not-so-scary kinds).
There is an old mining area there that has equipment laying around, parts that once belonged to the USS Oregon. Eventually we made it up to Jawbone Flats, an old mining town that has been converted to a camp of sorts. We didn't stay long, because the sun was going down, we were cold, (and the camera batteries were dead).

We capped it off with a quick meal at Dairy Queen, which really helped stem the letdown and whining that can accompany the end of an outing when we're all tired and worn.
It was a great start to the adventures of 2015.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


 Many dream of candlelight dinners and fancy chocolates for St. Valentines' Day. I've always been a little different. There was that one Valentines when my brand-new husband of 9 months took me to a shooting range for a treat. This year we had a family holiday.
 We took the kids to an OSU women's basketball game. The team is nationally ranked - 7th! - and they are so fun to watch! Little K decided to stay at my sister and brother-in-laws house with my other sister; the rest of us went to see the Beavs crush the Wildcats. And it was a crush. 73-48 final score.
 I'm not so good at taking selfies, but my girl is pretty cute.
And we saw Abe Lincoln there - good to know he is an OSU fan.
 It was a lovely day, with family; the first hot dogs and burgers of the year, along with potato salad at lunchtime. And then a 3 mile walk with my Mr (without kids!) It was a great way to 'celebrate' this holiday.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

In my corner

In my corner of the world this past week:
The Mr. found a new car. I don't know if it will fit all 7 of us

Little K has been a big helper around here. She is nearing 5 yrs old and growing in leaps lately - here is what she wrote (with help!) to her daddy

(I will miss you daddy)
 She helped make jam this week

And she demonstrated her awesome coaching strategies on the whiteboard

I've been reading a new author - David Rosenfeldt; good mysteries and not so scary that I can't sleep at night.

Basketball season is winding down. The Boy has one game left (sob) and the girls have about 3 each to go; so I get my fix a little longer.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


We have a lot of hair around this house.
5 females.
Long hair.
It gets around.
Usually I have to deal with it in the vacuum cleaner or shower drains. Today however, was a new adventure in Hair.
As I prepared the pancakes, I realized that the child who went into the bathroom was in there for a long time, being very quiet. Thinking nothing of it, I kept on preparing the grub for the minions.
A few minutes later the 9 yr old walked out and presented me with this:
 A comb. Stuck. In. Her. Hair.
 I shook my head, abandoned the pancake batter, and got to work. As I tugged and turned, I tried to get into her mind (proceed with caution when doing this!)
 "What were you doing?" I asked.
"Trying to curl my hair around the comb."
Aha. Of course. She did it because she was curious.
And that I totally get. She is so like me, in more than just looks.
 After a very long time, I gave up. Yep. Totally gave up, and said, "You try for awhile." I don't know what I was thinking. My stomach was grumbling, my mind had not kicked into gear. How could the child who got this mess in her hair, actually get it out? Well, I had to let her try.
 After filling up my stomach, I had the girl come back and we tried again. Instead of wanting to cut her hair (!) I decided to cut the comb. Bit by bit we cut out the comb and unwrapped the hair, ending with this nice rat's-nest.
Thankfully that did not take long to BRUSH out.

Friday, January 16, 2015


Under normal circumstances I would not want to see my child strapped onto a medical emergency board, having her vitals taken.

Except for yesterday.

A plea went out on my homeschool facebook page for volunteers to help with the local EMT training class. It sounded like fun and so I signed up my girls. (I wish I would have taken my older two out of school for this). That was before I looked more closely at the time of the training class. 8:30 am. That meant I would have to leave the house by 8:00, with a 4 year old. For some families that might not seem like a big deal. For my children, it is a near miracle to get out the door by 9 am intact. And this after a late night Wednesday. I almost went back on my word.

And now I am so glad I didn't!

The older girls got up and got moving without problem. Little K took some work on my part.

We got to the class and sat and waited, eventually the trainees started coming around and talking to the kids, asking to take their vitals. Little K hid her face in my shoulder. But the older two rolled with it, no problem.
Eventually - an hour later - I was able to get Little K to look around and agree that she would like to be strapped to the board. A trainee came up, one who has little girls himself, and was able to talk to K on her level. With the promise of fruit snacks (!) and a ride on the board, she opened up to him and let him take her pulse, blood pressure and listen to her heart.

The EMTs needed people to practice with and they usually don't get to work with kids. Many of them are young enough that they don't have kids, or aren't around children - something I can't imagine, since that has never been my world. So, they were appreciative to have a chance to interact with the little darlings; and the kids had fun too. They got to use the stethoscopes, and eat snacks.

Eventually my girl Squiggles started her own assessment form and began taking her sisters' pulses and listening to heartbeats. The time came for us to go home, and the girls said goodbye. On the ride home the girls agreed that it was fun and they would love to do it again.

I'm just hoping that this might spark a desire for one of them to go in the medical field.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


My girls want to be in the movies. They take turns making up scripts and filming themselves and friends with the video camera. Well, the quest for fame, for being noticed, is not a new concept. Doesn't everyone want to be Where everybody knows your name?
You know the phrase "15 minutes of fame" that Andy Warhol coined about our yearning for notoriety? I think that's what it is. 
(Back in my day, we used to pretend to be radio announcers. I had a cassette tape filled with my own announcing, and then music from the actual radio. *cringe* It has since been destroyed.)

So my girl got a brief glimpse of it this past weekend. She was in her school play, "Annie" as an orphan, and plenty of people she knows, and plenty of strangers, came to watch. It wasn't until after the show that the 'fame' came to her. A little girl she didn't know actually asked for her autograph! It still makes me smile when I think of it. (And I am pretty sure it made my girl smile inside too.)