Sunday, April 16, 2017

April holidays

The sun was so bright and warm on Saturday! We got the grass mowed, and other jobs done around the house after the Mr got home from work.
I was thinking how great it would be if the sun shone again like that for Easter Sunday.
Unfortunately, it didn't. The clouds moved in and a few teeny sprinkles of rain invaded our Easter egg hunt.
But, the kids didn't seem to mind.
The grown-ups didn't seem to mind.
The food was numerous and delicious.
The company was entertaining.
Here are a few photos I managed to get of my crew before they changed out of their church clothes. I had to text them on the way home (we were in separate cars) that there was to be no changing until after picture-taking!

 On another note .. April is a big birthday month around here. So a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother-in-law, my sister, my niece, my sister-in-laws, my daughters and my husband. (I think that covers all of them....)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Time for something new

Age is just a number.

The Mr's number just went up one today. But it doesn't seem to be slowing him down any.
About 7+ years ago or so, I had to stop running because I was pregnant. I ran my last 5k for that season, in Sept of 2009. Around that time, the Mr decided to take up running. It wasn't something he did since I had met him in 1992. He was into cycling and mountain climbing back then. As time went by, as kids came along, as work and life got more demanding, cycling and mountain climbing kind of took a back seat. And then running came into his life. So at an age around 40, he ran his first half marathon (after a few 5k's). He hasn't really stopped since then. Around that same time he also took his first swim lessons.
Even though water is not his best friend, he keeps at it today. He has completed 2 sprint triathlons, which has taken hours and hours of training. So, I just have to say, I'm pretty proud of this guy - to go from zero to numerous half marathons and a couple of triathlons (with more in the future) - at an age when a lot of other competitors have been at it for much longer - makes me pretty happy for him.
Like a wise man I know said, "If you're not dead, you're not done."

Monday, April 3, 2017

It's Spring!

I think spring has finally come to our corner of the world. There was enough sun to lure us into a spontaneous trip to the beach. So we had 'school' out at the coast today.

 We started with Music Class - As we drove, I had the Zac Brown Band CD playing; K took over the guitar solos, M. managed the fiddle, I tried to keep up with vocals and drums.
We had a little lesson in Social Studies before we hit the beach. I needed to add something to our picnic lunch, so a quick stop at the grocery store yielded some chocolate filled croissants .. a little peek into French culture. I've heard that they eat chocolate with breakfast. Not having been there, I think I would like to research this firsthand at some point.
Our next class was Oceanography. We explored the tidepools and learned about sea anemones, mussels, waves, and the power of water on rock.
PE was next. The three of us climbed all the way to the top of the big sand dune. It took a little longer for me, but I made it!

And we even got an Economics lesson in today - K was lobbying for a stop at the ice cream shack on the way home; Unfortunately it was out of the path of the drive home, and beyond what I had budgeted for the little trip.
Not too bad for a homeschool day. Sad that the older 3 couldn't come with us.