Monday, April 18, 2016

Blue skies

April is a month of birthdays around here. The Mr. had his birthday this past week. It was a very busy day and evening - Wednesday's usually are pretty crazy around here. But we were able to have some time in the evening for cake and presents with my in-laws at our house.

 This past weekend the Mr. and I were able to get away to the coast for a short time. It's the first time we have left the kids home alone overnight without a sitter, or 'chaperone'. Now that The Boy is 17 we figured he and his 15 year old sister could handle things for that short time. We did ship the two youngest off to my sister's house, so that I could relax and not worry,
and so that the older kids wouldn't have to be responsible for a 5 yr old,
and so that there would be less possibility of them fighting while we were gone.
It all worked out great. I don't know why we haven't done more of this earlier!

The coast was just gorgeous. Cool of course, it IS Oregon after all, but the sun was out and the wind blew away any fog that might have tried to come in. One of the Sunday school classes at our church asked the Mr. and I to come and speak at their annual retreat. So we had the honor of sharing on Saturday morning about the mountain top adventure from last September. It was emotional, but yet so good to talk about it, first on the drive out between the two of us, and then the next morning with the large group, asking questions. It is getting a little easier to give the narrative of what happened up on the mountain, but getting through the emotional parts, and the 'where-do-we-go-from-here' parts are still a process we are churning through. So talking to others really helps. The friends this weekend said that they were blessed bu us sharing, but really, I think we were the ones blessed by them.

We also go to spend a few minutes walking on the sand. It was windy and cold, so we didn't stay out too long. But before that we visited with our friends from college days who live in that town. People used to mistake my friend M for my sister long ago; we lived together for a couple of years, and she was a mentor to me in so many ways. She was actually on my first (real) date with the Mr way back in 1996 too, which sounds odd, but if you knew the two (or three) of us back then, you can see how that works. So it was so good to see her and her husband and just sit and talk and laugh for hours with them.

Friday, April 15, 2016

April showers

What happened to our sunshine? You'd think that by now having lived in Northern Oregon for half of my life, I would be used to this rain. But since my childhood in southern Oregon is what formed me, I am missing the sun! We had a few weeks of beautiful weather, until now.
Of course, I was sick the whole time the sun was out. This awful cold is just not going away. Twice now I have felt like I was getting better, so I went for a run - and then, bam, a day or two later it was back like unwanted house-guest. How am I suppose to get in shape for all those 5K's that I want to run this year?!
Track season has started - my high-schoolers began long before Easter. And the track meets - so far we have been blessed to have sunny and fairly warm meets.
But then my poor middle school girl - her track meet this week was an experience. One I told her that she can tell her kids some day. I still remember the track meet where I got to run in the snow and hail. And I never fail to tell my kids about it!
Due to unforeseen complications The Girl who Cooks only had 1 race at this meet. It was breezy out and cool, so her fans were huddled next to me in a blanket. Just before she went out on the field to 'warm up', the rain began to fall.
And then it fell harder.
And then it was like a hose turned on.
As the gun went off for her race to begin, the wind and the rain flung the drops into her face so she ran down the 100 meters squinting. As soon as she finished she ran over the The Mr. who wrapped her in his coat. Soon after that, the rain died down a little bit, and we were able to walk to our car without getting soaked.
Now to wait for the May flowers - or the sun.