Friday, January 15, 2016


15 days into the new year.
I'll share with you some of what has been happening around here.
It was a rough week last week. And it is going to be tough for a little longer, emotionally.

I had planned on writing here at least weekly, but then we had some kick-in-the-stomach moments that derailed my plans. We got some news that sent my thoughts to tumbling, like towels and sheets in the dryer -- you know how they get twisted and turned around and fall all over? That's what the thoughts in my head were doing, and I couldn't make sense of them. All I could do was pray for the people affected even deeper by the latest events. So forgive me if this post doesn't flow well, or if it rambles.

A week into the New Year we heard that the son of a family in our church, had died. He was 19. In our viewpoint that was not the time to go to heaven. And my mama-heart hurts for his mama, who now has to face each day without her firstborn. I drive by their house and tears come to my eyes as I hurt for them.
A couple of days after this tragedy, we got the news that the Mr's Boss had died. He was maybe 40. He had been battling cancer for a few years. We had been praying, since the day the Mr. met him, that he would be healed; that his kids would grow up with their dad by their sides. But last Sunday God called him home to heaven. And my wife-heart hurts for that Mrs left here to raise their kids without him.  
Both the Boss and the other young man were amazing people, full of love for everyone, full of laughter. I think that is one word that will often be used to describe both of these men - laughter.
The Boss was full of giving, even up to the end. I met him a handful of times, and he touched my life with his amazing strong faith in God's goodness, in his love for other, and his joy of life. The Mr. went to the Boss' memorial service today (I was unable to go due to commitments I couldn't get out of) and he said it was a difficult one. I can't imagine, I can only hurt for that family, and pray for them to get through the day.
We'll go as a family to our friends' service next week, and we will hurt and cry and pray alongside them and many others.

Friday, January 1, 2016

A New Year of Goals

Happy New Year!
I'm looking forward to a great year. We had some highs and lows in 2015. We'll have some of the same in 2016, I'm sure. But for now it is a big open slate, ready to be written on.
I've decided to try again and make some goals for myself in this coming year, and I'll share them with you.
1. Read through the Bible.
I haven't done this in a long long time. My 10 year old brought this up, wanting to do it, so I decided to come alongside and do it with her.

2. Run a 5k with each of my family members this year.
This means each of my children and my husband, NOT my siblings/extended family. Although that would be awesome. I've done 5k's with my brother, a niece, a sister-in-law and my aunt, (and a marathon with my niece!) but I would love to see more of my extended family exercising. If a 5k challenge would get them moving, I'm up for it. And you know who you are!!

3. Acknowledge family member's birthdays. I tried one year to send cookies to each of my siblings for their birthdays. I think I made it to April. When you have 7 brothers, 2 sisters, 2 brother-in-laws, 9 sister-in-laws and then all those nieces and nephews ... well, I don't always get a card of something in the mail to them. I want to change that this year. I think this will probably be the hardest goal for me to meet.

4. Pray for my husband every morning.
Not much explanation to this. I need to do it. I'm so very thankful he is with us still, and I do pray for him often. But I want to be more intentional about it this year.

5. Blog at least once a week.
I am going to try and cut back on my commitments. I shared with someone recently that I have (once again) over committed my time, and I am stressing out. As my husband put it, I'm "doing too much and not doing it well." So I want to cut back on outside commitments, and have the time again to write. I think of so many things I want to put down, and yet rarely have the time and energy to do it.

So that's my list for now.
We'll hopefully check back in a month and see how it is.

So this is Christmas

Merry Christmas from all of us!

Christmas came even though I wasn't fully "prepared".
((I'm planning on sending those cards and letters out ..... this week. ))

I did get the gifts all taken care of in time.
So my little family had our Christmas party the Eve before. My kids went all out this year. I was so proud. Now that they are able to work some, they have some spending money. And this year they bought gifts for each sibling and parents. So the 7 of us - times that many gifts (at least one per person) meant we had a lovely pile under the tree. It was so fun to see them give each other the gifts they had spent time and thought on. I think it was one of my favorite moments.

And I did get the house (mostly) cleaned. Our company didn't seem to mind the dust bunnies too much. We had a blast with the cousins! The Mr.s family arrived on Christmas afternoon and the games began. The teasing, the jokes, the good conversation, the jostling of 13 of us in our house - then 15 when the grandparents came to the party.
 It was a very joyous time. We had some late nights playing games and laughing at each other er, laughing ourselves silly.The grand finale of the day was the Christmas Can Can. And that was probably one of my favorite moments.

 Family and fun - totally worth the dust bunnies.