Friday, April 15, 2016

April showers

What happened to our sunshine? You'd think that by now having lived in Northern Oregon for half of my life, I would be used to this rain. But since my childhood in southern Oregon is what formed me, I am missing the sun! We had a few weeks of beautiful weather, until now.
Of course, I was sick the whole time the sun was out. This awful cold is just not going away. Twice now I have felt like I was getting better, so I went for a run - and then, bam, a day or two later it was back like unwanted house-guest. How am I suppose to get in shape for all those 5K's that I want to run this year?!
Track season has started - my high-schoolers began long before Easter. And the track meets - so far we have been blessed to have sunny and fairly warm meets.
But then my poor middle school girl - her track meet this week was an experience. One I told her that she can tell her kids some day. I still remember the track meet where I got to run in the snow and hail. And I never fail to tell my kids about it!
Due to unforeseen complications The Girl who Cooks only had 1 race at this meet. It was breezy out and cool, so her fans were huddled next to me in a blanket. Just before she went out on the field to 'warm up', the rain began to fall.
And then it fell harder.
And then it was like a hose turned on.
As the gun went off for her race to begin, the wind and the rain flung the drops into her face so she ran down the 100 meters squinting. As soon as she finished she ran over the The Mr. who wrapped her in his coat. Soon after that, the rain died down a little bit, and we were able to walk to our car without getting soaked.
Now to wait for the May flowers - or the sun.

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