The Characters

Who are we?
My husband and I met in college, and were "just friends" for 4 years.  After brain surgery, literally, my husband realized how special I am (chortle) and we began dating. 8 months later we were married. And then the fun began - 5 children, 3 dogs and a house in the span of 18
years (so far)

5 kids, an old dog, a crazy puppy, and my husband;
Life is always interesting around our little home.

Here's the love of my life, my farmboy, the Mr.
You can take the boy off the farm, but the farm never leaves the man. 
He loves potatoes, mountain climbing, and us.

Our firstborn, The Boy; he loves football, basketball, dogs, and his baby sister.

Our second child, The Girl Who Swims, She loves pizza, swimming, reading.

  Our next girl, our little Chef. She loves music, singing, reading, and basketball.

The next one, Ham-N-Cheese, was the baby princess until her little sister showed up. She loves jokes, animals (dogs), and bicycles.

:And finally, Little K, who turned 6  in April: And she loves us, books, bunnies, anything pink and her baby doll.

Oh, and me, the girl who got an English degree so I could write because I never wanted to be a teacher. Now I home-school my kids. Ah, the irony of it.
I love my husband, my kids, my Lord and Savior, peanut butter, ice cream, running, and the beach.