Saturday, March 3, 2012

10 Things

 If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know I like lists. So guess what I've got today!

A big thing these days are 'bucket lists.' I think that term might have come into vogue back when that movie with Morgan Freeman came out. But I think lists like that have been around forever.
The other day I heard on the radio some people talking about 10 things every woman should know. And I thought to myself, "hmm, what do I want my girls to know by the time they move out of the house?" If they do. Which I am assuming they will.
But a list like this isn't something new either. In my extensive research (reading historical fiction is research right?!) back in the beginning of our country there were certain things a true lady would have to know, like how to pour tea, or how to dance, or how to embroider. And women in the West, they had other 'tasks' they needed to know (shooting and skinning come to mind). But what about in present day? What do girls/ women need to know, practically speaking?
 I'm not going to cover the obvious ones, (the ones I take for obvious), like love God, love your neighbor, respect and be kind. Let's look more practically at life application:

1. Know how to change a flat tire. I could probably do this if I absolutely had to. Thankfully my dear husband has gotten us AAA and I don't have to worry about it.
2. Know what the average prices are at the grocery stores in town. I used to play the Under a Dollar game. I thought if something was under a dollar it must be a good deal. Not always so.
3. Know how to bake bread. This can help out in so many ways! I think it goes hand in hand with knowing how to make at least one good meal.
4. Know how to diaper a baby. Important even if you don't ever have children.
5. Know how to whistle.
6. Know another language. German or French or Greek!? or Spanish or Latin ...
7. Know CPR; How to save a life - which is actually something I haven't learned yet. I wanted to take a course in that and first aid before I had kids .. but it still hasn't happened.
8. How to drive a stick-shift. Or a tractor. Either are useful.

Oh! That's all my brain could gather.
Help me out, what do you think should be added to this list?
And before anyone plays the feminist card, yes I think my son should know all of these too. The topic on the radio that got me started was about women, so I went that route. But boys would benefit from every one of these things too.


  1. Knowing how to put chains on a car is an important one as well. I think another one is knowing how to properly iron a dress shirt. And finally (this is one my dad taught me)--know how to shake hands properly (no limp hands!).

    1. Yes! I don't know the chains one - thankfully where we live doesn't usually have much snow. And definitely know how to shake hands well!

  2. I think all the car stuff is important to know (not that I actually do them) -- checking air pressure, oil, knowing that you HAVE AAA and what the phone # is. And know enough about engines that you can repeat back what the mechanic says to someone smarter than you.
    Will emphasize the need to drive a stick shift! A pet peeve of mine since I am continually amazed at how many of my girlfriends don't!
    Know the basics of setting up a TV, computer, or other electronic gear.
    How to balance a check-book and keep track of all her $$.
    One thing I didn't know how to do when I left the house -- turn the lawnmower on! I was married for a couple of years before I realized this, resulting in over the phone lessons from my husband was away on business.

    1. That cracks me up about the lawn mower! And a big yes on the bankbook. I have messed it up so many times .. thankfully over time,and with calculators, I have made it work.

  3. Some basic how-to's around the house - like how to shut off the water to the toilet when it is going to overflow.
    Of course tape-texture-and painting will occur soon so they will learn that (except maybe the little one).
    How to hang a picture, how to find a stud (the 2x4 kind). What to look for in a mate.
    These are all additional things I want my four to know.

  4. * How to not become a victim in a den of thiev... er, South American bus station. (We just added that one this weekend.)
    * How to recognize a safe taxi, hail it, and arrange a proper price for the ride. (Bonus: How to ask the driver good questions so you get inside info. on the city, and its people and culture.)
    * How to 'read' a new city, mentally placing major landmarks/streets on the compass so you can find your way in places that don't believe in maps. (This also helps when you suspect that taxi is taking you somewhere you don't want to go!)
    * Recognize that the Spanish and customs you learned in one country is not the Spanish and customs they use in another one... and adapt!
    * These are said tongue-in-cheek, as they obviously don't apply everywhere. But seriously, I want my kids to be adaptable -- to walk into any new situation, learn how it works, and walk wisely in it. To do this they have to be well-grounded in who they are, know what God wants for them and those around them (the non-negotiables), and look outside themselves at the big world around them. This is the challenge we're in right now. Sometimes they really get it, and sometimes they totally don't. Imagine that.