Monday, June 29, 2015

Catch Up - May

June is almost over and I still have so much to say about the month of May!

The month brought a lot of projects for the older two kids at away-school. The Girl has to make a Rube-Goldberg like contraption for her science class, utilizing different tools. She did a great job, all on her own, to make the marble(s) roll through the different parts without stopping.
Mother's Day. It seems like a long time ago. It was a great day of relaxing and doing nothing! It seems like we are always on the GO, so a day without any responsibility or place to be is a perfect day for me.
 The Mr. and the kids also finished the drainage project in May. I hauled a couple of loads of gravel, and they filled in the hole. Now we can get back to some basketball.
 And we helped out Grandpa with some of the planting at the farm. Of course, by now this scene looks different (I'll have to get an updated photo when we go out this week), but the little fingers in our household helped put in some of these seeds.

 We also took a family bike ride at a local park that has oodles of paved trails. This was the first time Little K rode her own bike the whole way. She has outgrown the kid seat that was attached to my bicycle, so we decided to try and see how far she could go. And wow did she go! We biked at least 3 miles, and she kept going the entire way without complaint.

 To wrap up the month of May, the Boy made it to the state level in track! So of course we trekked down to Eugene to watch his races. He placed 8th in one of them; and although his team didn't place in their relay, he still ran a really great race.
And there is a quick synopsis of our month.

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