Saturday, October 3, 2015

One more moment

I have a chalkboard in the hallway where I leave messages for our kids. 
A couple of weeks back some words from a Sunday sermon struck me and so I wrote on there, 
"every moment,
every life,

Over and over again this past week these words have run through my mind.
Many of you know what happened to my husband last Friday, the 25th. (If not message me, and I will send you the link to the newspaper story). It was a traumatic day for us, not knowing whether that rock he was standing on was going to hold him up or crumble down the mountain. He made it - obviously - or I wouldn't be here right now, writing this. He got his side of the story told in the paper and to others who have asked throughout the week. Meanwhile, I have been processing and thinking, because that's how I roll. It takes awhile sometimes for the words to make their way through my dense brain.
I don't believe in coincidences. And especially not after this day.
1. The Mr put his phone in his front pocket - something he never does. Which meant, he could get to it and get help.
2. He fell on his backside instead of falling forward and rolling - which would have ended up much differently and probably worse.
3. The only, ONLY, phone call that went out from his phone that day was his call to 911. Even though he had tried to call me at various times during his hike, and after his fall, this was the only one that went through.We were able to text, and he did text with the sheriff in charge also.
4. He had put his smaller ice ax on the right hand side of his pack, in an easier buckling system than his larger ice ax. Without that he couldn't have stopped his slide at all. If it had been on the left he wouldn't have been able to get it, since his left arm wasn't working at all.
5. People all over the world, literally, were praying for us.
6. And this is the one that gets me choked up the most. This is where I see God's fingerprints the most. The winds were blowing, something like 60 mph. The National Guard fought these winds, and rescued my husband, without a problem. Yes, these are very highly skilled, very highly trained pilots; but even they were ready to take the helicopter in.
7. Just as my son and I were getting ready to leave at 9:30 pm to drive 2+ hours to the hospital, my sister showed up at the door. I hadn't called her. She just showed up to see what could be done. She took one look at me and said, "You aren't driving." And without even her toothbrush she put us in her car and away we went into the night.

All these "little" things added up to a big thing for me. God had us in His hand the whole time.


  1. Sounds like God's fingerprints to me! :) "Nothing is accidental, but everything is providential for His purpose".

  2. Love what you said; He had you in his hands the whole time. What a testimony to the lord and his provision over your family and the power of prayer!!!