Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Growing Pains

Growing older *can* be a lot of fun.
1. I am finally feeling more comfortable with who I am.
2. I don't mind being silly even if people are watching.
3. I have fun embarrassing my kids. Thankfully #2 and # 3 often go hand in hand.

But what isn't fun about growing older is the change in my physical condition!
A few weeks back when the weather finally turned sunny here in the Pacific Northwest, I was wearing flip-flops all day, which sent my right foot into hysterics. The tendons were so sore I couldn't put any pressure on my foot; I couldn't move it in any direction; I had to use crutches for the evening, and it was just incredibly painful to even touch. By the next morning, the pain was gone. My foot was basically fine - a little tiny tender, but fully functional.
Fast forward to Monday morning, I woke up to a sore right arm. It hurt to turn it certain ways; I couldn't pick up my full water bottle even. Once again, the tendons were so sore it just hurt hanging at my side. All I can figure is that I have been driving so much that I strained my arm. And if that isn't a sad commentary on my arm-strength!! I have driven more in the past 3 days than I have probably in the past month. Two days of driving to and around Portland, and another trip to Eugene and back, all have taken a toll on the arm.
So, the lesson learned from this? Time to add weight training to the running.
Or else just milk it for as long as possible while I watch the kids do all the things I can't around the house.

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