Thursday, May 21, 2009


I am turning into my mother.
I wore an apron today to do my work in the kitchen and around the house.
Since it is Thursday, I do laundry in between the kids' school lessons. And I needed to whip a batch of cookies for my sister. And I had ironing to do. Plus picking up stuff (the girls needed guidance as they cleaned up their room).
So I donned an apron to keep my clothes clean(er) as I did my work. My husband knows how messy I can be when I get going. We have had to scrub spaghetti sauce out of some strange spots after I make supper! And as I stood there over the ironing board, smoothing the wrinkles out of my husband's shirt, I felt like my mom.
And it is a good thing.


  1. Love it!! :) I can see you looking very domestic in your apron :)

  2. i have wanted an apron myself! you would think i would have wanted it when my kids were little and flour was everywhere while baking cookies, but then i was in sweats. now i am in work clothes making goodies and dinner!