Saturday, December 20, 2014

Now and Then

December is running by me way too quickly. I have some of the Christmas cards addressed; I have a tree up in a stand, but no decorations on it; the cards we received are strung up at least. We might even do some baking tomorrow. And maybe two gifts have been attained. But time is racing away.
Maybe partly due to the fact that I have been a little busy these days. In the past 6 days two of the children have had 9 basketball games between them, along with practices for their sister. Which means a lot of driving and scheduling on my part. There was one day I literally had to write down the times of games and practices (and, oh, throw in drama presentation too,) so that I would not miss someone's time for drop off or pick up. And guess what ... a child was missed.
It had to happen at some point. *Flashback* When I was little, my family left me behind at a football game. The sister thought I was with the parents. The parents thought I was with the sister. I decided to just walk my little self on down the road to the sister's apartment. Thankfully a kind teacher saw me, realized something wasn't right, and drove me to where I needed to be.
But back to my child. She was accidentally left at a practice; we all came home, looked at each other and said, "Do you have her?!" And then the Mr. raced back outside to get her while I phoned her coach. oops.
Speaking of racing, I walked/ran a 5k tonight with my aunt. It's the first 5k in months, maybe a year or more. It poured rain on us; there were plenty of puddles to navigate; but we had a great time doing it together and talking our way through it. I am hoping it is going to kickstart my running again.

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