Monday, December 29, 2014


A day without children.
This is not a sentence I can attest to in my household very often. For 16 years I have had a child at home, most of the time. There were the rare occasions when I had a couple of hours alone, but they are far and few between. And I am not complaining! I love being Mom to my five minions. As the oldest gets closer to leaving home, I am cherishing time spent with my kids even more.
But today, I was alone in the house for hours without children and the Mr.
And I didn't know what to do with the freedom.
Because who wants to clean at these times?!
All this to say, I started thinking about what is going to happen when, say, in 10 years, my children are gone all day? My youngest will be in high school, and most likely at 'away-school' by then. (Even 5 years from now, the kids will be 9, 14, 16, 19, and 21, and I will have Time.To.Do.Things.)
The Mr. and I even got to go out for a dinner date tonight, and I brought up this question. He nodded and encouraged me to think about it. I figure I can try and get a job with UPS, that sounds fun to me.
Or maybe by then I will have my fingers in different areas of helping out at the church or school.
Maybe I will be running miles and miles by then, training for marathons throughout the year; or at least half-marathons.
Or maybe I should learn to knit.

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  1. helping out and volunteering are good goals, as is having a hobby like knitting.