Tuesday, February 17, 2015


 Many dream of candlelight dinners and fancy chocolates for St. Valentines' Day. I've always been a little different. There was that one Valentines when my brand-new husband of 9 months took me to a shooting range for a treat. This year we had a family holiday.
 We took the kids to an OSU women's basketball game. The team is nationally ranked - 7th! - and they are so fun to watch! Little K decided to stay at my sister and brother-in-laws house with my other sister; the rest of us went to see the Beavs crush the Wildcats. And it was a crush. 73-48 final score.
 I'm not so good at taking selfies, but my girl is pretty cute.
And we saw Abe Lincoln there - good to know he is an OSU fan.
 It was a lovely day, with family; the first hot dogs and burgers of the year, along with potato salad at lunchtime. And then a 3 mile walk with my Mr (without kids!) It was a great way to 'celebrate' this holiday.

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