Wednesday, February 4, 2015


We have a lot of hair around this house.
5 females.
Long hair.
It gets around.
Usually I have to deal with it in the vacuum cleaner or shower drains. Today however, was a new adventure in Hair.
As I prepared the pancakes, I realized that the child who went into the bathroom was in there for a long time, being very quiet. Thinking nothing of it, I kept on preparing the grub for the minions.
A few minutes later the 9 yr old walked out and presented me with this:
 A comb. Stuck. In. Her. Hair.
 I shook my head, abandoned the pancake batter, and got to work. As I tugged and turned, I tried to get into her mind (proceed with caution when doing this!)
 "What were you doing?" I asked.
"Trying to curl my hair around the comb."
Aha. Of course. She did it because she was curious.
And that I totally get. She is so like me, in more than just looks.
 After a very long time, I gave up. Yep. Totally gave up, and said, "You try for awhile." I don't know what I was thinking. My stomach was grumbling, my mind had not kicked into gear. How could the child who got this mess in her hair, actually get it out? Well, I had to let her try.
 After filling up my stomach, I had the girl come back and we tried again. Instead of wanting to cut her hair (!) I decided to cut the comb. Bit by bit we cut out the comb and unwrapped the hair, ending with this nice rat's-nest.
Thankfully that did not take long to BRUSH out.

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