Sunday, September 25, 2016

Another beginning

(Note: I wrote this awhile back, but forgot to publish, oops)
One week of school done. And there has already been drama in the middle-schooler's life. Ugh, drama, drama. Immaturity and insecurity bring about a lot of pain and drama. I think the girls have it worse than the boys. My son had some at that age and learned quickly who was his friend and who had integrity versus who was still learning. It's a good thing those piercing words were not aimed at my daughter last week. My mama bear claws might have come out. As it was, I was angry at first with the girls who were laughing at another child. And then I was just really saddened to think they might know better but chose to act that way.

I gotta admit, I cried a little last Wednesday as we prayed over the kids and sent them off to the first day at school this year. I have two younger ones at home that will keep me company and keep me hopping; but I really enjoyed having all my minions with us for the past three months.
Our son is a senior now, which means college is looming. We don't know where he will be next year at this time, but it will all work out.

My girls were definitely excited to get out and see their friends. And yes, they like school and the teachers and learning.

Our homeschool starts this week. It is still summer weather here in Oregon, so we can take advantage of the glorious days before we stick our noses in books. This week we went bike riding, and spent a lot of time outside playing. And even though we are officially starting our studies, I am pretty sure we will be outside a lot more until the rains come.

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