Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tri again

A few years ago, like maybe five or so, the Girl Who Swims did some kids triathlons. And she loved it.
Fast forward-- now in high school, she runs, she swims, she runs some more. This weekend she and the Mr. did a sprint triathlon together with a number of guys from the church.
It was a beautiful day although it started a little early for a Saturday! We were up at the crack of sunlight to get to the lake in time. Thankfully we could go in two shifts so the non-participants slept in a few minutes more and didn't rush quite as much.
The Mr has been training for this for just over a month. He runs regularly, and has been swimming ever since he started rehab on his shoulder. But putting the bicycling part into the rotation made the difference. The pants that were getting tight are now loose! And he had a great time just doing the course. He was pretty nervous about the swim section, since he isn't a swimmer. He did just fine, staying at the back of the men's heat, and getting through the water with his long arms doing the backstroke. It helped us on the shore see where he was too - those long arms coming out of the water - so we were able to track his progress.

The Girl who Swims (and runs!) has been swimming and running all year, but only a tiny bit of cycling. So we were a little concerned with how it would go for her on the bike. But she blew us all away. She placed 2nd in her age division, and did each leg with a smile.

 That night when we got home, the Mr was already looking up the next triathlon that they could do, and trying to get me to do one also. I don't swim at all. "I only dog-padddle," as a famous movie character once said.

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