Friday, October 21, 2016

Of Books and things

Going to the library is a big deal in our house. The kids beg me to take them more often than whenever the books are due. So last weekend I took the older girls so they could have some fun reading material outside of schoolwork. Which meant I also got to spend almost an hour looking at books.
I'm on a cookbook fixation this month. (Swim season is rapidly approaching and rumor has it that my swimmer girl isn't supposed to eat sweets or sugars during the season. It's going to be a challenge to feed this girl. She loves her cookies and ice cream. So do I!) So I am looking at various cookbooks to get some new ideas. Hmm, this sounds a lot like a post I wrote a couple of months ago ... needing new dinner ideas. Anyway, there is a cookbook for just about anything! I came across the Polish cookbooks, and being half Polish, decided to look into them. Just to be fair to my husband's side, I did glance at the Irish ones... but didn't find much in the one I looked at. Head cheese, liver, and various other dishes that I am sure my stomach and my children, wouldn't handle too well.
So the Polish cookbook I brought home also has history and traditions interwoven in the recipes. And some of those recipes look goooood. I am hoping to attempt pierogi. My grandma made it - I have heard; I didn't get to taste hers. I did get to taste her doughnuts however. Oh my, those and her cinnamon rolls. I haven't had either as good as hers since she made them. I think it's about time I try to make them though, or else convince my mom to make them for her grandchildren and carry on that tradition!

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  1. :You just have to do it. Make those cinnamon rolls and donuts. People will eat them, even the ones that don't come out perfect. The dog or compost pile can have the really awful ones.