Monday, August 26, 2013

A trip to the bank

Around our house there is a lot of laughter. A lot.
My day doesn't feel complete if my husband hasn't made me laugh at least once.
And in return it's a good day when I can make him laugh.
There was the one time when we went to a grocery store while on vacation, and he decided to talk Irish the whole time. Especially at the checkout counter. Good times.
Today we had to go to the bank and deposit a large sum that we had earned over the summer. And we had to get the tuition paid, so there was all that to take care. I needed my personal bouncer as I handled all that cash.
So we go into the bank and thankfully! we were the only customers there. As we handed over the $$ to deposit my husband alluded to it as "the drug money." Oh my word! I am sure my eyes were shooting darts at him. And then he says to the teller, There's only one counterfeit in there. And so she obviously has to look at all the bills, and has to put them in the special machine. Oh sure, they are all laughing about it, but they still checked it!
Thankfully again, my husband talked with this teller already in past transactions, so she knew it was tuition money. And the amount wasn't actually enough to be believable drug money.
Yes, we did have a good laugh later. But I don't think I want to take him to the bank again.
I don't know if he would want me to tell you what he did before we left for the bank. It had something to do with black socks, flip flops, and, .... well, I laughed.

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