Thursday, August 15, 2013

Story time

Let me tell you a little story
(ok, I took that line from a Veggietales. I know a few of my readers can hear Pa Grape's voice here ... or maybe it's just me.)

Back in the day, during the summer my parents would ship me off** to my cousin's house, or sometimes my grandma's. When I got to be in college, I lived at my sister's house during the summer and worked the tourist attractions in their town. So, the summer I turned 16 I was in California at my cousin's.
It just so happened that my birthday fell during that time. and it just so happened that my mom said I could get my ears pierced when I turned 16. Well, my cousin has an awesome older brother who took us to the mall that day. His birthday happens to be the day before mine, but I don't know if that is why we were at the mall or not. I'll just continue to think that it was because he is such a great guy.
He told me I could pick anything in the mall and he would buy it for me. Can you guess what I picked? Yeah, I said all I wanted to do was get my ears pierced. He couldn't quite believe that was it, but at that age (and maybe still) I was single-minded in what I wanted. So being the great guy that he is, he took me and my cousin to get my ears pierced.
The point of this story, you ask? Well ...
Fr years now, (yes, years) my 12 year old has been asking to have pierced ears. I was going to do it when she hit 10, but with some discussion and dissension, the parental front decided to wait on that. But her prayers were answered this summer when the parental front decided now was the time.
Today I took my 12 year old into the mall and got her ears pierced. Not quite on my birthday, but close.
And that's my little story for the day.

This makes it sound like I was a hooligan who needed to get out of town, or else my mom didn't want me. Neither is true. I think.
There were just other opportunities for me at these times and places.
At least that was the line I fell for.

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