Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Good, Bad and Ugly

Should I start with the good news first or the bad new first?
That's probably one question my husband does not want to hear.
Today started out like so many other days we've had this summer. My son and I got up at 0 dark thirty while the young 'uns slept in. (Because, really, why wake a 3 year old up before 6 am?) This part I consider the ugly. No one but my husband and baby girl wants to see me at 5.30 am.
We drove out to my dad's farm and helped harvest enough garbanzo beans for our morning count. I managed to make it back to our house by 8.15 am and get cleaned up for the next event of my day. So I guess that was a good part.
Thankfully my sister could come over and stay with the kids while I was gone. (Good part.)
But as I was backing out of the driveway my terrific hard-bumpered pickup introduced itself to her little Subaru's plastic bumper. It wasn't pretty. So file that under the bad and the ugly. And even thought I wanted to stay and DO something about it, my wise sister pushed me to go to my event and said we'd take care of it later. She's awesome.
So some friends and I ran a race today downtown. But it wasn't just any race. Oh, no. This was more of a scavenger hunt. We got clues, we had a clock ticking, we had to use our brains, our talents, our wits and our feet to get the job done. But it was so much fun! I personally enjoyed the rap session on stage at the local cafe. Oh, and finding a stranger who would let us hug her - priceless. The 4 of us must have some competitive spirit in each of us, because we finished in one hour and 19 minutes. The race was open to last 3 hours. When we got to the finish and checked in, I was a little surprised at how few people were milling around. I figured that most of them had probably gone inside the convention center, or maybe the bathroom.
Well, even though we all figured we were middle of the pack, we actually placed 2nd!!! Shut the door! I never imagined we would have done that! I was just having a great time, enjoying the race and my friends and the whole event. The trophy just made that much sweeter.
Oh, and then I had to come back home and face the accident. I managed to block it for the good part of the day, but I'm thankful it happened here at home, it was my sister not a stranger, and I know we will get it sorted out. Now how should I tell my husband?

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