Wednesday, July 9, 2014


There is a lot of hair around our house. 5 females with long hair adds up to: many strands floating or found in various places; plus a lot of emptying of the vacuum canister.
My two older girls have each cut their beautiful long hair once for Locks of Love. And this month it was the third one's turn. She has been asking since March, I think, to get her hair cut. I kept putting her off, until I had to tell her about the wedding. I had grand dreams of her long blonde hair in beautiful long curls. But since I have never really curled her hair much, I didn't realize that curls do.not.stay. in her hair. So she had long wavy hair for the wedding. And she still looked cute.
The week we got back she started really hounding me about getting her hair cut. So I made it happen.
Here we have the before photos:
 so long and wavy
And then after we visited the hair salon:

Isn't she cute!? I said it made her look like Kit from the American Girls series.
She really likes it short.
I really like that she has no more tangles. And I like that she was the one who decided to grow it out and send it in to Locks of Love.
Now I kind of wish we had done it before our San Diego trip.

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