Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Owning a home

Owning a home allows a person to have a great dating life. As long as those dates are to stores like Home Depot.
The Mr. has been working on the upstairs remodel as time and money allow. And we are nearly done with it! The bedrooms are 99% complete and the bathroom is getting there. The countertop and sink and that tile is in. One light is up, but not attached. The shower has taken the longest time. He had to cut the concrete board and get it fitted for the shower. The sheetrock in the bath is nearly all up, and the mudding process will begin soon (I think). Then it will be tile, floor, toilet, and turn everything on!

But then the front deck rotted out, and we've been working on that. Since the plate below the door also is gone, we have to replace the front door; which means we actually have to go down together and pick out a door to order. Which means we have to find time to do this together. Looks like another date night to Home Depot.

Along with all this fun we found another area to work on. Not like we don't have enough. I have slowly been cleaning out areas of the house where we have too much stuff. Last night the Mr decided was a good time to hang the TV that we won onto the wall. We moved the outdated TV stand that was half broken and probably a hazard. As we moved this large piece of furniture that had stood in the same place for possibly 8 or more years, I walked over and noticed a musty smell, and some moldy floorboards and carpet.
 Oh no! After investigation, this is what we discovered - a leaky bathroom fixture. It pretty much popped right off the wall in the Mr's fingers.
Lovely. Add one more major thing to the To-Do list. And another date night.

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