Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Fall usually means football, candles, pumpkins, wood stoves, hats, and finally a chance to wear my boots again. But it also means we are starting to get ready for basketball!
I love basketball. Ever since I was a sophomore in high school and begged my mom to play on the team. Love to watch it, love to play it, and now I love to 'coach' my kids on it. No, not like one of "those" parents who coaches (ie. screams) from the sidelines.
Earlier in the week, I had the girls out on the driveway practicing some drills. Tryouts are coming up soon, and they want to be ready. THEY want to be ready. (just for clarification here) So I dug back to the recesses of my playing days and drug out some drills for them to go through. Basic stuff, nothing fancy - passing, dribbling, lay-ins (oh, how I did not like those lay-in drills). And it was fun. I had fun talking them through what to do. And I think they had fun trying out what mom was saying. At least they didn't rebel or stomp off.

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