Friday, October 31, 2014

Tonight's Game

The annual knock on doors and ask for candy routine went down tonight.
  Sadly, we are down 2 of our players though.

The remaining 3 rallied for a good finish, but the older two members of the team were missed.
 Tonight's team consisted of a cute little puppy (easy to make, and easy to keep warm!!), a snow queen, alias Elsa. (Strangely enough, we saw a lot of these Elsa characters tonight) and an unknown movie starlet.

The head coaches managed to get a good mile out of the 3 players, who did not complain until the final stretch. And then it was only the youngest saying, "my legs are tired."

We were fortunate to not have rain! Hurrah! And thankfully the administration knew to bundle up. It's one of the prerequisites of the night's uniform.
Now that the team has headed to the bunks, it's time to "sort" the night's winnings.

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