Tuesday, January 13, 2015


My girls want to be in the movies. They take turns making up scripts and filming themselves and friends with the video camera. Well, the quest for fame, for being noticed, is not a new concept. Doesn't everyone want to be Where everybody knows your name?
You know the phrase "15 minutes of fame" that Andy Warhol coined about our yearning for notoriety? I think that's what it is. 
(Back in my day, we used to pretend to be radio announcers. I had a cassette tape filled with my own announcing, and then music from the actual radio. *cringe* It has since been destroyed.)

So my girl got a brief glimpse of it this past weekend. She was in her school play, "Annie" as an orphan, and plenty of people she knows, and plenty of strangers, came to watch. It wasn't until after the show that the 'fame' came to her. A little girl she didn't know actually asked for her autograph! It still makes me smile when I think of it. (And I am pretty sure it made my girl smile inside too.)

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