Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lately (Part 2)

Where have we been lately?
House repairs don't stop for basketball and drama.
At one time this past fall we had 3 working showers. And then we were down to two because of what happened over the summer. We got that patched up, and all was well. Until my husband looked at fixing the tiles in the bath - not just the temporary fix we had done for that earlier problem. And one popped out into his hand. And then he dug deeper and discovered this:

About a week later, if not less, the showerhead in our master bath broke off. We knew it would need to be replaced at some point, we just didn't know it would be now. So we went from 3 down to 1 shower. At least it is the nice new upstairs shower that works!
 And it hasn't been all work and no play...
There was one day this week when I actually didn't have to be anywhere until evening time. It felt like a luxury. I was in such a good mood I actually decided to paint my nails. I haven't painted my fingernails in years probably, partly because of time, and partly because most of my time is spent with my hands in something - bread dough, dish soap, laundry, hair, etc. I even felt relaxed enough to indulge the 4 year old and paint hers too. We opted for Christmas-y green and sparkles, along with some Christmas-y read for her.

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