Saturday, January 10, 2015


Where have I been?
Lately life has  picked up the pace and I have been working to keep up with it. There was one week where we had 9 basketball games within 6 days. This week held 5 games within 6 days, along with a drama performance (which meant extra practices each night).
My girl Stripes, was one of the orphans in her school play "Annie". And what a great orphan she was! She had the opening lines, calling out "momma, momma" and the first night I heard it I nearly cried! Good thing I didn't rush the stage.
All the kids in the play did a wonderful job! For a middle school production, there was great stage presence and line delivery. I was very impressed. It brought back memories of my days on the stage, as few as they were, in high school. And the foggy memory of a play in college too. (I need to go hunt down that memory book and look it up.)
My middle girl, Dots, had her first game today with the church league. Upward Basketball is such a good program for kids to get their feet into athletics. Yes, there is some competition, but the focus is more on helping the kids grow in their abilities and their faith. This will be Dots last year for the league. And she is looking good.
There are times when I think back to the days when they were all little, and I would wonder, When does life slow down? When will I find a break? When does it get less busy?
It doesn't.
It just becomes a different kind of busy. I drive more now than I used to - making sure kids get to the places they need to be, or get food before they need to be at those places, along with getting the rest of the family there to watch the meet/game/performance. And I love it. I really do. I wouldn't trade it for anything. On those drives I get to spend time talking and listening to the kids. Sometimes they talk with me, sometimes with each other. And that's what makes it precious.
In 2.5 years my oldest could potentially be out of the house. That sentence right there sends shivers through me. I know I will deal with the tragedy, er, event when it occurs, but I don't think I will be trying to rush it along. And I will be saving up the special times in my memory, in our camera, and probably here on the blog.

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