Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Of books and things

It's no secret to those who really know me how much I love to read.
I'll try one genre for awhile, get bored with it, and move on to something else. Last year it was biographies. There are some fascinating people out there. Tim Conway's bio was one of my favorites, along with Carol Burnett. This year I am back to fiction, but not the Christian fiction I once gorged on. I got so tired of the predictable romance novels, (I can hear my Peruvian friend cheering at this.)
Our family passes books and magazines around and one came across my doorstep titled My Sister's Keeper (by Jodi Picoult) - interestingly enough, my sister brought it over.
Once I started it I didn't want to put it down. It's a fascinating read, taking on a bio-ethical topic but yet written in a compelling story of a family dealing with leukemia. It made me think, and at my age my brain needs workouts.
I also learned that I should NOT read stories of children with leukemia when my own child is sick. My little Ham-N-Cheese girl had a fever of 101-102 for nearly a week. Thankfully it did not turn out to be anything serious, except in my crazy dreams that must have been influenced by my reading.
This week I am back to reading Power of a Praying Parent, and The 5 Love Languages, both non-fiction, and both more focused on helping our family grow. But if you have any suggestions for next week, let me know ...

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