Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Being 5

Adults might see something as routine, but a 5 year old considers it really exciting. Which in turn makes this adult remember the awe of being five and experiencing new things.
Yesterday was a gold-star day for Little K.

The rain stayed away, which was a nice reprieve from the wet and windy weekend. And it meant we could get some things done, like change the oil and go places without getting soaked.
First, Little K got her first-ever-at-the-salon-haircut in the morning. I could see the thrill on her face, as she sat in the grown up chair, and had the cape tied around her, and then the chair went up, up, up, and so did her grin. She only got a trim, a little cleaning up of her beautiful tresses, but it made her shine the rest of the day. At supper she asked her sister, the Chef, if she could tell what was different about her. (I had to give the older one a hint) And she beamed when big sister mentioned the haircut.

But it got even better for Little K as the day went on. After lunch we went out to the farm. It was a gorgeous fall day - sunny - and it smelled good out there. We loaded up the back of the pickup with pumpkins and then spent some time picking up walnuts. Finally we drove south to a friends house to drop off the pumpkins; they use them to feed their pigs. The girls got to watch the pigs feast on the pumpkins and make the awesome noises that pigs make. Interestingly enough, they sound just like our dog (the yellow Lab). And we got to meet the cows. And then ... Little K got to feed the chickens. It made her so happy! She was even sure to tell her big brother all about this part of it when he got home later that night. (So a big thank you to our friends with the pigs - you made a little girl's day wonderful.)

Five year old's have so much fun, learning new things - how to read, how to tie shoes, how to ride a bike, how to go to school. And showing their parents the joy of living.

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