Friday, November 27, 2015

Give Thanks

Thanksgiving Day dawned with sunshine, and cold!! And I am so thankful for a heater and a woodstove.
Our family did not run a Turkey Trot this year. Although the Mr. is able to run again after his injuries, we didn't make it a priority to sign up to run. The Boy played in a Turkey Bowl football game the night before, and the Mr. was traveling all week up to the holiday. So, we have our excuses.
My two youngest girls went off with their aunt, so I had the morning to put some food together, along with the other girls' help. And then off we went to my brother's house.
So the 7 of us, along with 30 other relatives, gathered at my brother and sister-in-law's home for a lovely feast.
We started off with a wine tasting. I have family members who are convinced the shape of the glass influences the taste of the wine. The Mr. disagrees, but still had fun listening to my parents tease each other as they tasted different glasses.
 There was plenty of food. There is always plenty of food. This picture is only a sampling of the food - some of the appetizers, since dinner was late.
 I lvoe the holidays and getting to visit with family that I don't see much. Here are two of my nieces. Unfortunately not all of the nieces and nephews could make it this year (You know who you are! and we missed you!)
 They happened to be sitting right next to two of my girls. I was struck by the differences in the two pairs. I don't know why, but my kids hide when my camera comes out.
 As we waited for the turkey to finish cooking, and the sweet potatoes to finish warming, I came across the kid's tables. I thought it was pretty smart for my brother to put down a tarp this year! Maybe too many mashed potatoes on the rug last year?
 I wandered upstairs and found these cutie cousins playing with aunties dollhouse. Their sisters/cousins were coloring. These girls love being together. There's just something about cousins... no matter when or where - they are happy to be together.

 Downstairs it was Lego time! The little boys are brothers/cousins who don't see other too often either. So it was fun to watch them interact. And I just happen to really like Legos too!
 Here is a glimpse of the clean-up:
 They were not the only ones in the kitchen though. My daughter did a great job helping out her grandma as they cleaned the dishes. (and thanks to the sisters/aunts who put the food away!!)
After feasting there was a new activity this year. Pumpkin rolling.
No, it has nothing to do with Thanksgiving, but do any of our traditions?!
A number of our kids didn't make it to the annual pumpkin carving party at this house this year, and at that party we have the Annual Pumpkin roll. So instead of rolling in October, we decided to do it again at Thanksgiving this year. It was a lot of fun, and those little boys loved it!
Then it was time to come in out of the cold, and play games. Chutes and Ladders was my forte once upon a time, but these little guys skunked us.
 And then - my favorite time - Dessert! It was my sister-in-law's birthday and she brought The Chocolate Cake from Costco - yes the same chocolate cake that I always get for my birthday. The Once A Year Cake. The Cake from Heaven. The Cake we will eat IN heaven.
And my little nephew thoroughly enjoyed his dessert - which was not chocolate cake:
Happy Thanksgiving!

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