Sunday, November 22, 2015


It has been wet and windy here for the past few days. But we had to get out. We had some tickets to use up before they expired.
So we went to the zoo, umbrellas in hand. A little rain won't stop us!
It was a terrific zoo day. There was hardly anyone else there. We were able to see the animals for as long as we wanted without crowding, or having to maneuver around others.
The Bears were first on the agenda.
Then we saw some amazing birds - Eagles and condors. And the girls got to climb into a "nest"

The gazelles looked like they wanted to get out of the rain, so my girl helped out.
We had hoped to see real lions, and elephants, but they were missing that day.

But we did get to see the cheetahs up close! That was one of my favorite parts. It was almost like we could touch them!

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