Sunday, December 20, 2015


It's almost here!
Christmas is just a few days away.
The question most people ask around this time of year: "Are you ready for Christmas?"
Oh boy, am I ever! I love Christmas!
But I don't think that is quite what the question is. I think what they mean is "Do you have everything you need to celebrate?"
And in some ways, the answer is still YES. I have my family. I have a home. Most importantly, I have Jesus.
But in the eyes of today's society I am not "ready" for Christmas. I have a couple of gifts hiding in the closet. The Boy and I went and cut a tree last week, with the help of the two youngest girls. All the girls decorated the tree. The lights are hanging on the fence and gutter, and they are on.
But I haven't done our baking.
I haven't cleaned the house for company.
I haven't written the Christmas letter or addresses the cards.
I haven't gotten all the gifts.
I haven't made the stocking for Little K that I wanted to make.

I am hoping I get that stuff done this week.
And I am hoping I am feeling well enough to do it.
We just finished 9 days straight of some event Every.Single.Night. So it's no wonder that my body shut down this weekend. We were fighting colds, some of us worse during the week than others. And this morning, I didn't wake up until it was the time that we are usually at church. And when I tried to get up I had such vertigo, that I stayed in bed until mid-afternoon. By then I was done napping and so bored. I made my way out to the couch and spent some time with my people.
Tonight I am feeling much better. It was either watching my girls make dinner, or the ice cream we had for dessert, but I think I am going to be able to cross at least one of the To-Do's off the list tomorrow.

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