Friday, December 4, 2015

Just Keep Swimming

This girl has been a swimmer since she had her first bath!
It's one of the few ways she is not like her mama.
Even a slip and fall into a river (and near drowning) at age 2 did not deter her from becoming a swimmer. Water is like a magnet pulling her in, whether it is cold or warm.
She has competed on swim teams during various summers, and loved most every moment of it. There were a few times when we got glares from her. She was being challenged by learning a certain stroke, and looked at her dad as if to let him know she Was.Not.Happy. Thankfully she is a determined girl and overcame that challenge and conquered the Butterfly.
This season is her first high school swim season. The middle school does not have a swim team, and so she was only able to swim/compete for a few weeks in the summer. But I think she was counting down the days until Swim team started in November. She found her happy place.
Because she is a freshman, and because their practice was right after school, she started swimming on the JV team. But only a week after starting the coach approached the Mr about having our girl move up to Varsity. We had to take time over the Thanksgiving break to discuss this, since it would mean a change in many things. Now the Girl who Swims has to get up really early in order to get to practice at 5:30 am. So far, after 2 days, she has done it, and done it happily. I have a feeling it isn't going to be a problem for her, even though she is not a morning person. It's going to be a great season!

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