Thursday, December 3, 2015


We are 3 days into the month of December and yet it feels like Christmas is coming in just a couple of days! Have I done anything to get ready for Christmas? We strung some lights - have yet to plug them in. We've gotten out the boxes. Maybe I will decorate today. I've thought about the cards and yearly letter. Still thinking.
I sure enjoyed having all my kids at home during the Thanksgiving break. Even though it was busy with school conferences and shopping for items we don't have time to shop for during 'normal' days, I still had fun with my minions, playing games, having dinner together (!) visiting family. And now, I am so ready for that Christmas break!
Between basketball, swimming and choir rehearsals, and everyday life, we've managed to celebrate another birthday. The Boy turned 17 this week. How is this possible? I ask myself nearly every day this week, And yet, the return image from the mirror of my white hairs threaded through my head shocks me into reality. The Boy has grown into a man. This past September when we experienced a trauma I never want to relive, my son showed us the man he is growing into. He stepped up and took care of us, wanting to fix the situation, but unable to, and still helping me and his sisters get through those painful scary hours.

My niece, my goddaughter, graduates from college this weekend. This little girl who now towers over me, physically, with her beautiful model looks and academically, with her super-smart brain, will be taking on the world. Watch out world!  I still remember the phone call when she was born, and when my brother and sister in law honored me by asking me to be her godmother. (Hopefully something good came out of that.) It has been a joy watching her grow-up, along with all my other nieces and nephews! and turn into lovely people that I really like to be around.

The Advent season is upon us, helping us prepare for Christmas. I am fortunate to be able to enjoy the pre-Christmas season through the eyes of a 5 year old. The different perspectives are so fascinating to watch. Last year ((I love post-Christmas sales!!)) I bought a countdown "calendar" for the two youngest, and I hid it in my closet for the entire year! That in itself is a major coup. I brought it out on Nov. 30 and gave it to them. Squeals of delight and excitement emanated at a high-pitch. I kind of wanted to dig into it myself. So the last 3 mornings, they have raced out to open the door of the day. What could be more fun than a Lego countdown to Christmas?!

22 days to go.

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  1. What fun traditions shining through your family - so beautiful to see their love for Christs birthday in all you do to prepare. And your son, I know will always delight and give honor to you, his mom for being such a big reason for who he is. I know that our boy, now a young man brings me immense joy when he overflows my cup with gratitude for helping him get where he is today. You have answered the call, you have been so faithful as a mom to nurture and love. You know what it all serve one another in love. We are blessed to be a part of big families. Happy Advent.