Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Just Keep Swimming

The season went ... swimmingly.
The Girl Who Swims made it to the 5:30 am practices each day without complaint. Ok, maybe a tiny bit of grumbling on Sunday nights, but not much. She swam fast, and far. Last week was the Districts meet. This girl placed 6th overall in the 200 IM and 7th in the 500 freestyle. Pretty amazing for a freshman. Only the top 2 go on to State, so we figured she was done for the season, and she made plans for sleeping in.
Until Sunday night.
We got a text from her coach. They needed an alternate to go to the State meet with the Girls 200 relay, and our girl was their pick.
So one more week of 6 am practices (and, yes, that half hour made enough of a difference to mention it!) and then she gets to go to State this weekend. Either she will sit on the sidelines and cheer for her teammates, or she will take the place of one who can't swim for some reason that day.
We are so proud of this girl who doesn't realize just how much potential she has.

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  1. Congratulations, keeping the tradition of an athlete going to "state" , I hope she was able to swim.