Monday, May 22, 2017


**Dear readers, I'm trying a new format for my blog. Hopefully it will spur me on to write more often here.**

Dear Brother,

Last Friday night I made it home by 1 am. I know now that I am no longer a 'spring chicken'; my recovery took all weekend.
I was out with The Mr. watching our kids run in the State Track Meet. It was so exciting! On Thursday, the Girl Who Swims, and Runs, ran the 3000 m race at State. She's only a sophomore and she, and her teammate, qualified for State! We were pretty proud and excited at the Districts meet when she came in 2nd behind her teammate - knowing it was the time and place she needed to go on. So anyway, all season the meets have been either held in the rain, or hail, or cold. Until State. It was warm, really warm, and I'm pretty sure my girl was not used to it. She didn't have a great time, but she didn't come in last either!

The next day more excitement came our way. We headed back to Eugene ... the only two days I ever want to go there ... to watch The Boy race. His was the first race, the 4x100 relay. At Districts he also ran the 100 m and the 400 m, but placed 3rd, just missing the chance to run State in those. We were anticipating the relay teams to take 1st place ... they are fast! And they kept us on the edge of our seat the whole race! The Boy was the anchor leg for the 4x100, and he really moved. He was in first place, we were going wild, and then out of nowhere (it seemed to us) another kid passed him and took first at the last second ....
So then we hung out the rest of the afternoon/evening watching a number of other boys on our team place 1st, 2nd, 6th, in their events. The excitement grew as we all began to realize our boys team could take the championship points! So, it was finally time for the last race, the very last race of the whole meet, the 3A Boys 4x400 relay race. Our boys ran so fast, fast enough for a 3 second PR, and then once again, in the last 50 m, that same boy from the earlier relay passed our first place boy and took it.
But you know we weren't too upset. Our boys ran so fast, and did so well, and yes, they took the Championship, that we were ok with 2nd place.
The Boy with the paparazzi
There was a lot of celebrating and picture taking afterward of course. And then The Mr walked back across campus to get the car and then came back to pick us up - and all of this added up to a long day and getting home at 1 am. Not that I mind so much. It was quite an exciting way for my son to end his athletic career.

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