Saturday, May 13, 2017

Running Blood

The high-schoolers had their District Track meet this week - two days (roughly 11 hours) and what excitement and entertainment they brought to the spectators.
Out Girl Who Swims and Runs is heading to the State meet next week in the 3000. She came out strong in the beginning, staying at the 2nd for most of the race. Towards the end though there was a girl in 3rd who looked like she really wanted that spot. (Only the top 2 advance to the State meet.) We were screaming, yelling, encouraging her loudly, to pick up the pace because there was a girl right behind her! Ok, it was probably more like 10 feet .. but it was too close for comfort. But our Girl picked it up at the end and took 2nd. As a sophomore, she's heading to State.
The Boy also had a good meet. He placed 3rd in his 100m dash and 400m run, which wasn't quite what he wanted. But he also runs both relays and his team took first in both of those - so on to State for them!
I'm pretty impressed by all the runners and throwers out there this week - competing in downpours, dealing with lightning delays, and gusts of wind - and still running and throwing their way to the end takes a lot of strength and determination.

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