Saturday, May 13, 2017

In My Corner

** Disclaimer: I wrote this back on May 8, and hit the Save button instead of the Publish button. but even though it's a week later ... it's still true **

Track season is winding down. We have Districts this week and then the State meet next week. Pretty sure The Boy will be at state in both relays. And there is a chance our Girl Who Swims and Runs might make it there in one of her races. This week will tell us.
We've had some late nights with track meets (11 pm last Friday!), and between the Middle schooler and the High schoolers we've seen a lot of races. But I can honestly say I really like it! I like seeing the kids out there running, I like the team comradery, and the friendships that my kids have developed on their team.
This year has been a little bittersweet as our son has a number of Lasts. This is his Last track season. His last Twilight Meet. His Last team uniform. For 13 years he has been a part of a sports team. We've sat through numerous games/meets cheering for him and his teammates. I realize we have 4 more kids to cycle through numerous more competitions, but being the first with the lasts, I'm learning the process.
The younger two have not been sitting at home doing nothing. We have been attempting to finish up homeschool. The few sunny days we have had makes for some sporadic schooling inside. But we've managed to have class outside a few times. And we enjoyed a walk over the new bridge in town for our exercise class last week.
This past weekend their months of singing and practice came to an end after their final performance of kids choir. Their amazing choir leader adapted a book into a play, and our girl auditioned, and got, one of the lead roles. And she nailed it. Little K had a side role as a ballerina. She is also learning through this experience about how to handle jealousy and not being the one in the spotlight.
Our older girl sang; she danced; she acted [she fell, making it look real enough in practice that someone thought she had hurt herself; she bounced up and said, "No, I was just acting."] One of her opening lines was about how worthless she was ... talk about good acting! Dad and I were about near tears. The play was about labels - and how we find our worth in God, not in what other people think or say about us. It was a great play for all the kids to absorb, even more so I think for my 11 year old, who is entering those difficult years of adolescence.

So even though our days, and evenings, have been full, I am also planning the Boy's graduation party coming up in less than a month. This past Saturday with 4 of the 5 kids out of the house, I decided to paint - and begin to work on the list of things to do before the party. I dislike the prep work - taping, laying down drip cloths, but with my history of making messes, I knew it had to be done. And I'm glad I did. I managed to get the hallway painted in one day, along with plenty of paint on my hands and clothes. And I really like my nice bright white hallway now ... I'm wondering what will I paint next?!

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