Friday, June 16, 2017

Higher Education

Dear Brother,

Well this week it happened. My oldest child graduated from high school, my middle child graduated from middle school, and we added a couple of parties, and a funeral in the mix.
Our Boy has been gone most of the week attending senior parties, or just impromptu get-togethers with his friends, enjoying every last minute with his buddies that he can. On Thursday we had a little discussion as to what would be worn under the graduation robe .. a compromise was struck mainly because he has no good pants, and he took the tie off once he saw that none of his friends were wearing one. But at least he had a nice button up shirt on, and good jeans.
I didn't cry during graduation this time! It was definitely a celebratory evening. Our Boy was one of 6 valedictorians, so instead of having them all give a speech, 2 of them gave the speech, our boy opting out of that.

The Girl who Swims is starting the countdown for her graduation in two years...

The next evening we had the graduation of our 8th grader - on to high school! She thinks she is ready ... she has no idea what's in store for her!

So next school season we'll have 2 in high school, 2 at home school, and one in college. How do I deal with this changing of the seasons?!
I embrace life - I am trying to still live by my motto I picked up early this year, Live Life Abundantly. On Saturday we went to a memorial service for the kids' classmate. It was a celebration of a wonderful girl's life, and even though it was sad and difficult, at the same time, it was a great celebration of a girl who lived life fully, and who is now running with Jesus. During the service, someone sang the song "Come to Jesus", and I kept thinking they needed to add a verse for this girl - Run with Jesus. She liked to run, she liked to run with her friends, even though she wasn't a star athlete, she did it because she liked it. That is living life abundantly.
And one more photo to leave you with - we've got another one who likes to hang on the rim...

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