Thursday, June 30, 2011

Park Day

We managed to squeeze in a new park this week.

Amidst the packing and sorting and cleaning and shopping that is necessary to prepare for the first camp out of the season, we stopped and took an hour or so to visit a new park in town. Not only new to us, but basically brand new to the community also.

We call it the Spinning Park. Not it's actual name, but it's how we identify it. Why? Because it is full of spinning toys!

There is a skateboard like structure. A DNA-shaped like structure that spins.

A large circular, tilted structure that spins. And a little cup that you sit in and get sick, er, spin around and around while calling, "help!get me out of this!"

Thankfully there were some slides and baby swings for the younger set.
One drawback, no bathrooms. I sure hope they put something there ... I really like to have a place to take the kids (who always seem to need to go about 10 minutes after we arrive).

Overall, the kids rated this park a 7. I got an ecstatic 9! from one child. But the other child, who had spun way too much, and wasn't feeling so good, rated it a "9 in the beginning, but a 6 at the end!"

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