Monday, March 17, 2014

In for the win

This weekend was a winning weekend!
On Saturday two of our girls, Dots and Squiggles, participated in the Awana Games. This is where teams from around the area get together at a local gym - a college in our case - and compete against each other in some fun games.
There's the balloon volley, the 'marathon' - which is running in circles basically for 6 laps, the 3 legged-race, and some throwing-bean-bags competition. One of the fun ones is the Sparkies crawl - this is where the Sparkies, who are in grades K through 2, get down and crawl across the floor - not too hard, right? Except that there are 4 teams coming from 4 different directions, intersecting in the 'middle'. It's pretty much controlled chaos, and so fun to watch. Well, after all was said and done our church's teams won the games! Both girls' teams came in first, so that was pretty exciting. They each got to take home a medal, which is now hanging somewhere in their bedrooms.
On Sunday the Mr. and I went for a long run. He helped me out on the first leg of my 8-miler, since he was only going 5 that day. As I waved goodbye to him and ran on, my phone rang. I didn't recognize the number, but answered anyway. As the person on the other side talked, I was trying to figure out who she was and why was she calling me. After the normal greeting niceties (When I finally figured out her voice!) she asked, "Do you remember that raffle drawing you entered awhile ago?" um... I had to think for a minute, ok, yes. Earlier in the year we had purchased some tickets for a raffle, wanting to help the bunch of friends of ours going on a mission trip this month.
"Well," she continued on, "you won!"  What?! No way!? Seriously?! Wow! double double Wow! What a shock - we had won the 55 inch flat panel TV. Yes, 55 inch! It is like the size of a bathtub! We went from a 29 incher old style to this big boat. Wow! After the phone call all I could think was, "Wow! Thank you God!"
That was the best 8 mile run I have ever had. I felt like I could keep going. (So, friends and family if you have some good news to share with me, can you save it until May 31? That's my marathon day; and then could you call me every half hour or so and tell me the good news so it will be like floating on air to get those 26 miles done? Thanks ever so much.)
We have been on the Dave Ramsey plan for just over a year now. As of this month we have wiped out one credit card, put a bunch into emergency savings, and are working on knocking off the other card debt. (Steps 1 and 2 for those in the know.) It is so awesome to be able to give money to help others, knowing that we have plenty. When we got the news of the win, I just kept thinking, God is blessing us, letting us know we are on the right track and we're doing it! A TV can be a blessing can't it? It was on our 'someday it would be nice to have this' list, and whammo - here it is.

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