Wednesday, March 12, 2014

On the run

I ran away from home last weekend.
My family helped me pack.
Now before you think about staging intervention - it was actually a good thing.

Every 10 years or so, I go away to a women's retreat. Yeah, 10 years! It took me that long to recover from the last women's retreat I went on. Back in 2004, I managed to make it to 2 different retreats ... and at/during both of them, something tragic happened. One involved the death of a neighbor's child, the other involved my miscarriage. So, maybe way down deep inside I had subconscious reservations about going again. Or maybe life just got busy with babies and school kids and health issues.
And beyond that, my fears kept me home. Some of you know about my chronic hives story. They are better; but lately I have been having gut reactions to some foods, not just hives reactions. So when I first heard about the retreat, which was going to be held at the coast, I was excited! because I love going to the beach. Even the cold, Oregon beach. And then my Fears crept over my thoughts, getting a strong hold on them, and I was afraid to sign up, because what if I had a reaction to something I ate over there?! How awful it would be to be sick in a hotel room! and miss out on all the fun.
And that's where our awesome church and pastor come in. Pastor has been teaching about prayer the past couple of months; it has also been a theme in our household ever since our trip to Wyoming. We keep talking and seeing the power of prayer around us. So, I said to myself, ok! I am going to do this. I am going to enjoy a weekend away, and I am going to pray to stay 'healthy'. I had to really work on overcoming that fear more than anything else.
During the week leading up to my get-away, I took the kids out to B.King for dinner one night. The Mr. was away at training, and I didn't want to cook! We've eaten at B.K. numerous times with no problem, until that night. I don't know if it was the sip of milkshake I took from my daughter's or something else, but after eating I was sick for the night. So my fears kicked in again. It's a goof thing I had already paid and committed to go. My great husband and my kids prayed with me, and so, I ran away for the weekend.
And I didn't get sick.
And I had a great time.
And nobody close to me died.

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