Monday, March 31, 2014


The month of March was full of .. everything.
We had some rain. Ok, a lot of rain.
And then we had some sun! It was wonderful to be able to say yes when they pleaded to go outside
We even got the lawns mowed. Once.
No, I didn't make them do it by hand. I have no idea why his hand is so green.
We made cookies to share and to celebrate. Because there's always reason to bake and celebrate.
And we had friends over. What else do they do when friends come over?! Dress up!

And finally - spring break. One of my favorite weeks. The 2 kids went back to away-school today and I realized how much I enjoyed having them around last week. Ok, I didn't care for the constant questioning "Can I play Xbox?" because it poured rain most of the week. But I did enjoy just having them around. The teen years aren't actually all that bad. It's nice to be able to have (some) normal, nearly-adult conversations. And it's fun to see the younger ones interacting with the older ones.

Feeling blessed.

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