Thursday, June 12, 2014

2 weeks

I told myself I would give it 2 weeks after the marathon until I ran again. I tried earlier than that and my body reminded me of my 2 week plan. The training book I followed suggested that the week after the marathon you should do nothing. Absolutely no exercise. And I kind of followed that, but not really. I went walking with my sister and then walking around the aquarium and then walking around the zoo. And pulled weeds at the farm. And oh, did my legs hurt last night. So as I laid in bed last night trying to sleep  I came up with some ideas of how I would do it differently next time, if there ever is a next time.

1 Don't rush the previous night's dinner. I would savor my pasta and not
wolf it down.
2. (Goes with 1.) Get to town earlier, instead of an hour before bedtime.
3. (Goes with 2.) Stay 2 nights at the hotel instead of one. It felt like a lot to pay to use a hotel room for less than 12 hours, and mainly to sleep.
4. Train more. I tried to follow the plan, but life, having 5 kids, weather, illness, etc, can get in the way.
5. Put sunscreen on before getting dressed. I put on sunscreen when I still had my jacket on, but decided to ditch the jacket before the start, and ended up with burned shoulders.
6. Wear a different shirt. Even wearing a sleeveless shirt I had chafing issues on my arms. I would test run some other sleeveless options.
7. Write a reminder phrase on my arm. By the time I got to mile 17 I was just focused on my pain. If I could have a visual reminder of songs to get me through it, I might have been able to refocus.
8. Bring a camera phone. Taking photos of the event and views might have helped refocus too.
9. Look Up. Once again, by the time I hit the last 10  miles I should have been looking up ahead, instead of down at my feet.
9. Enjoy the last miles of scenery. My Mr. was really good at reminding me of this. I was thinking of the pain and he told me that if this was the only marathon I would do, then wouldn't I want to remember it, and the miles I was taking in, instead of just the pain.
10. (Goes along with number 3.) Stay for the awards fun afterwards. We grabbed some food and left town, I think it would've been a lot more fun to stay around for the awards and raffle.
11. Bring ice packs.
12. Rest completely that week afterwards.

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