Saturday, June 7, 2014

Home Gym Membership

It has been a week since the marathon. I didn't move much last Sunday; by Monday I was walking better, once I got going. And by Tuesday I was pretty much back to normal. I even saw people running and thought, Oh I would like to go for a run. That thought hadn't crossed my mind since Saturday morning.
So today since the Mr took the oldest two kids out to the farm, and because my pickup is older than his, and because it has a bed liner and his doesn't ... I was the one who went and got the load of gravel. We're fixing the non-existent front porch, and the next step was gravel. So I thankfully did not have to load it by hand! A nice man in a big tractor dumped it in there, and somehow I managed to get it home.
And I spent part of the afternoon unloading it.I had a time crunch because I had to go get my 5th grader from her homeschool testing. And I didn't want that heavy load in there still.
 First I threw 10 shovelfuls into the wheelbarrow - I figured out that was about as much as I could handle without dumping. Don't ask my how I found out.
 Then I dumped it in The Pit (aka where the front deck used to be)
 And went back for more.
 Over and over again, with a couple of breaks in there, I did my arm-workout today.
I'll let the kids take it from here.

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  1. good job. Now it's time for the leg work out!! squats when you lift the bags of cement!!