Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer swim

Swim lessons started this week for my two youngest. Little K was so excited after we bought her a new swimsuit! She and Squiggles were up before 7 am I htink, yesterday morning ,ready to go! Too bad we didnt leave for a few more hours. But it did mean an early sleep time for them last night.
The first lesson for Little K - well, I wasn't sure she was going to make it. It rained on us. It was so cold, and her lips were blue, and she shivered the whole hour. She didn't want her face to get wet; she wouldn't blow her bubbles, or do her bobs. She came out crying at one point, but I was able to calm her down and she got back in.
Thankfully ! today was a much better day. Two of the kids in the class moved up, leaving just two boys and K. I don't know if this was the reason, or just it being the second day, but today K put her face in the water! and blew bubbles. There was only one minor crying episode when the teacher and she went underwater together.
Squiggles on the other hand, is in level 5, and was also excited to go to lessons again. She took right back to it, even though it has been nine months. She hasn't quite got the breathing down yet, but she is still having fun. And we have our favorite teacher back in her level, which makes me happy.
Hopefully by the end of summer, and 4 weeks of lessons, I can tell all of my kids that they swim better than I do. (Which is not at all)

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