Tuesday, July 21, 2015


"What made your weekend amazing?"
That question came on the radio today, and I didn't have to stop long to think of all the great happenings of my past week. But what made it amazing, is the people I was with during the time.
Last week was Sports Camp. All five of the kids were involved; the 3 older ones volunteered, and the 2 younger ones attended (and loved it!) So every morning for 3 hours I had no children at home.
This has never before occurred in my life.
And I thoroughly enjoyed the mini-vacation. Each day I was so thankful for all the workers and volunteers at Sports Camp - without them, my much-needed break would never have happened.

 This past weekend I was able to spend time with relatives and friends. On Saturday the Mr. and I got to watch our two girls in their swim meet while my sister took the other 3 to a parade (at which they bagged a ton of candy). Even though my husband had to work the rest of the day, the 2 girls and I made it - late - to the party at my aunt and uncle's home. We were able to visit with some people we only see once a year.
Once again - people made the time worthwhile.
 On Sunday, after a great sermon from our pastor, the family went on an outing to escape the heat. We headed out to a place called Mill Creek; we found a place to wade and frolic. Despite the heat and bugs, we had a fun time. In the evening we made it home just as more family showed up.

We got to spend 24 hours loving on these cuties. My older kids really stepped up to the plate and helped me immensely in taking care of the two youngest ones - the 2 yr old nephew just loves his big cousin. The little 6 month old is such a happy little guy, we had so much fun just making him smile. Even though there were 9 kids in the house, and I was really tired, it was so great.
What made my week amazing? These people.

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