Monday, July 13, 2015

Blue Ribbon Day

"It wouldn't be a fair without a horse ride."
That pretty much summed up one daughter's trip to the county fair.
I took all 5 kids down to the fair last Friday; it was the first time for all of us to be at this fair (we usually go to one closer to us). But because my daughter, the Chef, had her 4-H entries in this fair we had to go and see how she did. And boy were we pleased!
This was her first year in the 4-H program, and I am so thankful our friend put this all together. She entered cookies, biscuits, a short story and a skit. With the the edible entries, she also had an interview she had to do for the judges. We hadn't prepared for that, but I think she did ok. Her cookies were marked "Excellent" and got a blue ribbon. Her story was marked interesting, and got a blue ribbon. Her skit, which she did with 3 friends (also in 4-H) got a blue ribbon. And her biscuits!! Well, if this was 100 hundred years ago, we would probably already have her engaged. Her biscuits won a blue ribbon and a purple Champion ribbon! They were selected to go on to the State Fair! I think I might have been more excited than she was ... or maybe she just doesn't show it as much.
After touring the 4-H building, we went on to the animals. Of course Little K loved to see them all (I do too!) and we sure wished we could pet the soft little bunnies in their cages, or the pretty horses in the stalls. Alas, we just looked from outside and wished we could have one.
Then it was on to the rides. The older 3 did not find any carnival rides that they wanted to spend their money on. But Little K and Ham-N-Cheese decided they wanted a pony ride. So they did. And then I spied the Camels. I can't/don't go on carnival rides anymore, so I really wanted to do something special, just for me. I splurged and got a camel ride for me and Little K. The Chef and Ham-N-Cheese also decided a camel ride sounded fun too. And it was! I felt  little like falling off, and I would definitely choose a horse over a camel ride anytime. But it was too unique to pass up this time.
Overall, we weren't super impressed with this country fair, but we still had a nice time.

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